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Network Services

Radiant Communications Ltd. (RCL) is a full design and integration house, specialising in managed services, server virtualisation, network security & optimisation, application integration, and tailored business solutions.
Our very successful Smarti technology offers a comprehensive proactive monitoring, maintenance and management solution enabling you to realise the productivity gains and ROI you have been expecting from your computer systems.
Since forming in 2004, RCL has designed and implemented solutions for you.
Our innovative approach ensures our clients, regardless of size, have the freedom, flexibility and ease to develop their IT capability in line with their ongoing business goals.
Using best practice methods and providing scalable enterprise proven technology we ensure you have the tools and capability to succeed.

Business System

Our successful managed system and professional made many services tool, which proactively and automatically manages your essential computing services, preventing performance issues and unplanned outages.
Our promise is to reduce variable IT expenditure and the real cost of downtime. We are extremely confident that Vertu will enhance your business, with IT systems that are operational, current and secure.
Customers that have adopted us have experienced as high as 30% improvement in the health of their system, which has dramatically reduced their variable IT expenditure, and has taken the frustration and hassle out of dealing with system dependability.
We are about no surprises, enhanced productivity and confidence in your computing systems.
Let us look after the health of your network, through our “Best Practice” methods and review the reports to quantify the improvement.

Web Techonology

  • Small Business Solutions

  • Domain Names (".com", ".com.bd", ".org.bd" etc)

  • Web Hosting

  • Email

  • Web Site Design

  • E-Commerce

  • Online Marketing

  • Web Site Security

IP Telephony Solutions

Radiant  Communications for the enterprise Success in business these days takes more than the telephone and traditional PBX equipment. It requires IP telephony solutions to support voice over IP (VoIP), open standards like SIP, mobile workers and the unified voice and data communications business now demands.

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